Hits-To-Kill Design Metric

Its a pretty simple approach but one that will make life a lot easier for us. How many hits did you use for your enemies and for your player?

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I opted for a low hits-to-kill system like Legend of Zelda. Player has 16 starting health (4 per heart), and does 1 damage per default. Enemies have 2 health, and do 1 damage. Except some that are tougher, and have maybe 3 health and do 2 damage.



So, since both Player and Enemy are using their bare hands,
the weaponDamage is the same at 5. playerHealth is 50(takes 10). enemyHealth is 20(takes 4).
leaving the door open for:

A sword- weaponDamage 10. playerHealth is 50(takes 5). enemyHealth is 20(takes 2).

A 2-handed- weaponDamage 15. playerHealth is 50(takes 3 and a punch). enemyHealth is 20(takes 1 and a punch).
So facing a large group of enemies requires either a good armor to tank or a fast hit-evade approach.

Also I stupidly overlooked the Mover dependency on Health previously…

I’m going with the player doing 8 damage. The simple enemies get 20HP (dead in 3), the slightly tougher patrolling guards get 25 (dead in 4), and there’s one tough guy in my woods with 40 (dead in 5).
They also deal a bit different amounts of damage, so the guards do 8 and the tough one does 12, but also at a slower rate.
the player’s total HP is such that you can’t kill all of them and if you get hit from multiple sides then it would become difficult to pass through (you really would want to avoid any further encounters then).
(You do have to be careless to try to kill one of the more stationary guards in the front area while the patrol in that area is still around because that’s how you get hit from multiple sides at once)

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