High poly count in some areas now it looks strange

My issue is that her chin is now low poly and I can’t get them all to kinda match or smooth down to something natural looking. Any tips? Or is this just a live and learn situation? Also, what should I learn from this and how should I avoid this in the future?


For me, it’s a normal behaviour of Blender. And the way sculpting works.
Use a smoothing brush (low intensity).
And I think you misused the brusk size, strength. therefor a high contrast between those parts.

Time for re-voxel, and smoothing again. I find sculpting repetitive recursive work. Small steps are important.
Fix here a problem then elsewhere something goes wrong …


Thanks for the pointer! I found this video to help people if they want

Just a fair warning, back up before hand cuz you will lose your vertex painting

After 5 mins of work on the re mesh, I got to this point , with nice even geometry


and another half an hour to paint some stuff in on a very basic level.

Now time to do something with her hair :stuck_out_tongue:


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