High Poly Chess Set Renders (without subdivision modifier... well)

I tried my best with this set trying to avoid the need for subdividing meshes and I can only imagine that with sculpting brushes the whole task would be much easier. I ended up using only one level of subdivision modifier on Knight mesh only.

My 3 renders so far:

Thanks for watching! :smiley:


Great set

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Amazing quality!

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Nicely done set. Cheating a bit using sibdiv, not introduced in the course unless it changed in the 2.8 version. lol.

Very attractive bit of veneer inlay board threading. Great chess pieces. No sculpting needed with good modeling and a bit of subdivision. :smiley:

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Thank You guys!

Here it is placed inside HDRI environment:

@NP5 Iā€™m pretty sure subdiv modifier was used and/or mentioned few times so far :stuck_out_tongue:
Veneer inlay was achieved by combining checker textures and colour ramp.

See you next time everybody! :smiley:



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