Hide & Seek: One For The Road: Mini Games

Here is my mini end game - Balloon Hunt
Lots of coroutines used - if you dont like the game you can always try and spot them all!
Probably needs a bit of better tweaking and more testing…let me know if you spot any interesting features.

Are some of the balloons supposed to be attached to the back of the clowns? I’ve only had a quick couple of goes because I’m playing D&D right now.
One thing I will say is the magenta balloons, especially being so overexposed with the glowing look like the exact shade of broken shader/material.

Thanks for having a nose Hazel.

Yup - makes it a bit trickier :slight_smile:

I suppose they do - may dial them down a bit but was being lazy as easier to see with emissions turn on…

Are the alarms new? I don’t remember that happening last night. Is there a cooldown on the alarm or are you pretty much just screwed once that goes off?

They were there - random so some are probably louder than others

Fraid so…

It’s all very basic - sight range which is also set to torch range (currently 12 I think) and within an angle forward (45 each way).
When the clown is idle it rotates and scans depending on how long idle for

I triggered an alarm and I hid behind a box hoping it would go away, I kept poking my head out to see if he’d gone but he wasn’t leaving! Then I think someone else came up behind me

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Can I ask about your sound toggle? How have you done that so that it doesn’t change the difficulty highlight?
I’m doing the finishing touches on my version and I have difficulty levels and a toggle for the tutorial tips but pressing the toggle deselects the difficulty options

Messaged you Hazel

Added global high score tables linking Unity to PHP and a MySQL Database.

Not sure how stable it is so let me know if there are any issues as I want to add it into my other Club Clown Balloon games - ta

Thx to Hazel for showing it could be done

I used (and abused a bit) https://blog.generistgames.com/creating-a-simple-unity-online-leaderboard/ to get it working though am sure it could done better

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Thats awsome, two bits of feedback if you want them.

Firstly if the map could rotate as you rotate it would be great

and if the clowns turnaround to face you if you pop a baloon near them

I still have not got them all yet!



Did you make easy mode easier? I nearly won! I had 1 balloon left then the alarm went off. Are they supposed to turn grey and face the walls or did I break something? I was doing really well then by parrot decided he wanted a cuddle so I tried to pause by pressing escape, which of course did not pause lol, then I had to click out of the game to get back to the full screen button and when I’d righted myself, some of the clowns were grey and not moving.

Need to get my name on that leaderboard

Oh I get it, they go grey if you steal their balloons! Game changer

You take their power - or something like that! :clown_face: :skull:

(I take it you deleted the cool parrot cuddle story - I saw in my emails :bird:)

No - but a game should become easier the more you play, well that’s the hope for mine…

And you beat me!!

I finally got though Medium and onto the leaderboard!!

Well, no balloons were harmed in the making of mine! I simply added a spawn timer for new victims.

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LOL damn the clown actually made me jump. Well done!

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