Hide and Seek: Make a Moment v2

This was based on the original Make a Moment challenge for Hide and Seek which suggested making a game where the player had to get from A to B without being spotted.
Its not perfect and there are a couple of minor bugs but I could be tweaking and improving this thing for months. I already spent way more time on it than I planned! (although I may fix a couple of bugs I only spotted after publishing the WebGL version for the download version)

Although it is mostly a tech/this is what I learned in challenge club demo. I have tried to make it a fun game.

Just a quick rundown of the features:

There are 8 unique maps drawn in aseprite map4
The room builder converts those coloured pixels into a 3D room, it then adds doors where needed and links different rooms, chosen at random to each other so if you’re good enough, the game will never end. Then it generates a key card either on the floor, up on a platform or on the desk of the security monitor. This makes it really quick and easy to make new maps. You can create a new room in a couple of minutes and the script does all the work. (I also made an editor version of the script for testing so I had an actually room to work with)
It has teleporters, jump platforms and grappling hooks. There are transparent materials too (for the lights, not just because I wanted to include something from Double Room)
Light level determines how easy you are to see but the guards can also hear. Crouching slows your speed but muffles your footsteps. Jumping off things can make a noise that guards can hear although that sound is dampened depending on how many walls are in the way of the noise. Guards have a 60 degree field of vision in the horizontal and 150 in the vertical, unless they’re wearing hats, guards in hats only have a 40 degree vertical visual field. You can also intentionally make noise by throwing cans.
Finally we have player prefs to store difficulty level, mouse sensitivity and whether to play the tutorial.


That’s a big change in look from the early prototype and looks good.
For me the monitors could do with a ‘you are here marker’ as I was disorientated and the enemies are quite hard to spot (that may be my eyes that have deteriorated since orig lockdown).
Not sure I knew what to do or where to go on the second level. Was I aiming for the red marker?
Will try and have a longer play later.

yes, the red marker on the map is the key for the door. I thought I’d explained that in the tutorial tip for the security monitor. If you look really carefully you can see yourself on the monitor (just one reason why I recommend playing full screen!) but yeah the people models don’t show up as well as the capsule men heh, I did improve the resolution of the security monitor, I suppose I could increase it again. I could put disks over their heads that only show up on the camera but with the new textures I was trying to go more gritty and real and less weirdly glowy stuff, I did want to change the exit to an elevator but I couldn’t find a free model plus you can see the big blue glowy thing a mile away so it does make it slightly easier

Ooops - may not have read that!!

I lack patience!!
So not so good with the stealth type games :wink:

I expect with a bit more play I’ll get used to it.

With all these type of things it’s who is the game ultimately for? Do you want casual gamers or those who want to be a bit more immersive. So i’d leave it be unless lots mention it.

Played a bit more now. On Easy. Enjoyed that.

How do I put a can down quietly?
As I often needed to to pick up the key card.
Or is it a chuck it and hope job!

Are the doors shown on the map or do you just have to run around and hope you find it or remember where you last saw it?

Feature: I was carrying a can when I died and it ended up in the next game.

I’m quite tense now!

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I did consider marking the doors on the map but then decided not to, maybe on easy mode the guards can have disks on their heads and markers over the doors. Sometimes there are telltale signs, like a bit of the wall shows on the monitor or the glow from the destination point shows through the walls so if an area is kinda blue and you’re not in the final room, that’s where the next room is.

The sounds are based on the velocity of the collision (which I got from the unity manual!) It is possible to drop the can without making a sound but its very hit or miss. I found the same with the jumping sounds, you can drop off a platform, or the ceiling and not make a sound, but slightly trip on a box and it makes the velocity threshold!

I also found a fun little but with the can, if you pick up the can then crouch, because it becomes a child of the player, it gets squished, when you throw it, it detaches from the player and stays squished, you can keep picking it up and squishing it until it gets really small haha!


Now you’re making me want to make a zombie version with breathing noises!

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