Hi there. Wondering if future videos become longer and more in-depth

Hi there,
I’m Mike. I’m a self-taught “programmer” but I have much more experience with art in different creative fields (film, commercials, games, animation, comics). I’m currently enrolled in a Computer Science course to get better at programming, and I’m taking this class to help me get a firmer grasp on the sort of math I’ll be using.

Introduction aside, my question is about the course itself. I’m hopeful that as we get into more complex topics, the videos will be longer and take more time to fully explain and explore the subjects. I’m already very familiar with basic math, so the videos up to this point have been simple to comprehend, but I’m imagining what it would be like if I didn’t already understand the material and it’s got me a bit concerned if this is really going to help me fully understand more advanced concepts later on.

Fingers crossed,

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your message! The course starts indeed very basic so it is easy for everyone, also for the people who didn’t see a lot of math before, to start.
I can image that if you are already very familiar with basic math that it might start too easy for you. You can just skip the topics you are familiar with or just go to the challenges of this video! If you know the answer of the challenge, this might be a good indicator that you know this topic.

Also, you can play the videos faster, for example with speed x 1.25 or even 1.5. But it definitely gets more complex! So no worries about that! Just try to skip a bit or to speed it up and let me know if this works out for you!

Kind regards,

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