Hi i just started coding again in a long time

the engine got update in that time and see the course does it still works becuse i get this

Did you refresh the project files after updating?

Hi no because I just started a new project instead of using my old one

hi just strated again e.g made a new project and this what i got


I have tried it on Vs code and it still doesn’t work

i also tried new project with no new added code

What version of UE and VS are you using?

You could also just change the errors to be Build instead of Build + IntelliSense

5.2 and VS 2022

And you get issues using Build Only?

i did it using build only and it worked and see the LogPackageName warning does that matter?

I don’t think so, seems to be an issue with 5.2

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thanks for the help can’t wait to continue with the course

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