Hi, I have an error that constantly shows in my Console regarding Editor WIndow

Hi, I constantly have the following Console error when developing with Unity. I was wondering if anyone has come across a similar issue and found a solution.

‘Invalid editor window UnityEditor.FallbackEditorWindow

This does not prevent my projects from running or compiling, but I would be interested to know what is causing this error and how to fix it.

I know that if I reset to the default layout, the issues vanishes. However, I re-arrange the editor layout a little to suit my own likes, still using the default Unity Windows.


Hello to you, I am getting an error and also don’t know why. It is actually reproduced in Sam’s video at the 4:15 ~ 4:20 mark working with the Console. When going back into Unity after entering the Hello World LogMessage in Visual Studio. It produces an error message. Screen shot shows it:

I have started over “fresh” 4 times and only once has it not appeared, being VERY new. I am unsure and it is very distracting to say the least. I feel I am doing something wrong but following his easy steps. I am getting frustrated is a kinder word!! I don’t know what is wrong and it shows up as he is working the code in the video and he blows over it. Very confused??? Hoping to get a reply or some kind of an explanation I tried to load image with a post on the course`s Q/A forum but it would not allow / load the error picture …Peace…

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