Hi from Lithuania :)

Good day!
Nice to meet you all :)! I am from the Europian union’s country of Lithuania and my name is Paulius Balčiūnas.
Firstly, I am enrolled in the complete Unity 2D & 3D courses, which are from Udemy because I want to streghen my knowledge in the game development and to master great skills in using the Unity game engine.
Secondly, I am a native lithuanian student in my local country’s university, which is enrolled in a bachelor degree information technology studies. There I study strongly computer science, IT project managment, system administration, programming and game development. Likewise, whyle I am studying, I am hoping to achieve the knowledge of a successful game developer and programmer for the future.
Lastly, when I was a pupil in a gymnasium, their after the lesson’s, when I was at home, in my free time I liked the idea of learning some basic game development principles from the online Youtube platform tutorials, so I could make some hobby projects in my free time. However, my knowledge of Unity, which I aquired from these tutorials weren’t enough because they offered a narrow perspective of Unity and I didn’t got more ideas for game design at that moment. So know before this year, when I was graduated from a gymnasium and accepted to study in a my country’s local university, there whyle I was studying I found out of the idea like online courses on the Udemy platform and when the first year was succesfully over, all first course exams passed and sumemr break started. I started attending to these Udemy online courses in the summer break time. As of result, I love these courses because the instructors like Ben Tristem and Rick Davidson are amazing! and it’s a great honor to attend to these courses because I am already learning so much about Unity and even strenghening my knowledge in C# object-oriented programming and game design. Moreover, the topics of game development in the university, I will be introduced there at the third course and I don’t want to wait so long for that time to come. Whyle, I am learning in these online Udemy courses, I am already strenghening my knowledge in Unity and I am thinking maybe in the second half of this coming year in the university to find out where I could do my first internship with Unity as a programmer or a software tester. Thinking of trying an internship abroad in another country or in my local country because I know there is a Unity devision in my country. Later on in the future, when I will finish my studies in the university, then I will try find a job as succesfull game developer or a designer.

So, wish me luck guys in this journey! :slight_smile: because I have big plans with game development and I glad to be part of this wonderful and fantastic community!

P.S I though maybe finally would be a good time for me to introduce my self :slight_smile: because for some time I was like a “ghost” here in these forums, which watches what everyone is doing and never properly introduced my self.

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What a nice thorough introduction!

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Thank you! :slight_smile: when I was writing I thought maybe it would be cool to make an interesting type of introduction.