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My name is Rafael and I am visiting an IT school in Austria :man_technologist:. I am honestly interested in game development and the creation of own ideas. In the past, I made some experience with the old version of Game Maker. In addition, I have earned some prior knowledge with Java and JavaScript, so C# will probably not be too hard to learn :zipper_mouth_face:.

This and my interest in games are the reasons why I want to create my own games which I then share with the fabulous community :slight_smile:. While working through this awesome course I am learning how to draw art for games :art:. This is my weakest spot regarding making games and I hope that I will be patient enough to become better at this. Nevertheless, I am tremendously excited to combine my 2D drawings with the unity game engine :innocent:.

Happy to meet you guys! :sweat_smile:

PS: The discobot is a really fun entry point into the community :unicorn::hearts:. I even earned the badge :star2:.

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Hi Rafael, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Glad you enjoyed the experience :slight_smile:

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