Hi all

Hi, my name is Ryan and I’m from Australia.

I want to get into creating games using my own assets.
I’m currently working as a software engineer using C# / .NET for 6 years, but I don’t really have an artistic side which makes things difficult.

I hope this course will give me the skills and inspiration I need to succeed in creating assets while I get into developing games.

Hey Ryan :D.

It’s nice to see many people learning blender too :D. You may want to visit the following websites for inspiration.

500px -> professional photography that is truly amazing, it has photographers from so many countries, it has inspired me many times, maybe it can do that for you too :slight_smile:
Artstation -> a lot of creative people in there, 2d and 3d artists for films, games, virtual reality and other industries.
Pinterest -> here you can look for pictures as references for whatever you want to create,
Polycount -> here you can look for answers to 3d/2d related questions, some tutorials, some art contests, some technical stuff, works in progress and so on.

Good luck on your new 3d journey :slight_smile:

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