Hi All! I'm Andy from Wiltshire


Just popping on to say hello! Just got the complete Unity 3d course, so far I’m really enjoying it, always wanted to make games growing up.


Hi Andy! Welcome to the forums! I’m Phil from the Unity 2D course and just like you, I’ve always wanted to make games growing up.

Let’s keep at it and show each other what we’ve made when we’re done! :smiley:


Hi Phil, good to meet you! Yes, that would be great! I will probably do the 2d course after the blender course… Currently getting my C# skills up to scratch as I’m from a Graphic/Web design background :blush:


Welcome to the community Andy.

/waves from Bristol


Thanks Rob! Good to be here :smile:


Welcome! Hopefully you get out of it what you desire; I find the material strikes the perfect balance between leading us and giving us challenges to work on. I also tend to get very distracted by side-ventures; rather than rushing through the material I go a step forward, then malinger for a bit before moving forward again.