Hey Guys

So I’m here for the second time - I completed the old 2D course many years ago now and I want to have a go at the new stuff, along with a bit of a refresher because I’ve had a new idea for a 2D game so I wanted to come back and brush up my skills a little bit - especially since I’m learning pixel art work alongside this now too!

I’m from Stoke-on-Trent in the UK and I’m a web dev / design / C# contractor by trade, but currently taking a year out to build my skills and work on some awesome volunteer projects. In the past I’ve worked with companies like BBC, Ikea, Kinder, Volkswagen etc to produce websites, quote engines and CRM’s - so I think I’ve earned a bit of fun now I’m around 10 years into my career! I also run our local code up group teaching people how to code and I’m a fellow Udemy tutor offering a course on building mobile apps in Ionic :slight_smile:

I’m a massive fan of GameDev.tv though and have been even before I was lecturing so I’m looking forward to getting going again with some updated stuff!

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