Hey guys!


My name is Alexia, I’m from Brazil. Recently I graduated in film school, so I wanted to learn a few things that picked up my interest during film school.Mainly I want to learn 3D modeling so I can try my hand on making short animated movies, and possibly to complement my formation.
I’m a storyteller by nature (and I want to pursue a MFA in Screenwriting) so being able to use 3D modelling to help me show what my visions are and also to tell my stories is a positive thing for me.

Oi Alexia tudo bem ? / Welcome !

Blender is a great tool for film making, you can see on the official blender website some short movies made entirely in Blender! I hope you achieve your goals!


Yeah, I have seen people using Blender as filmmaking tool, which is why I was so interested in this course. I’m also hoping I’ll be able to reach my goals :slight_smile:

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