Hey guys , do you like swords?


there is a part misiing in the sword , that I forgot to model (sorry), but soon.

Ofc I like swords :smiley:

This looks like a Witcher 3 sword…

absolutely right , I love that game, just missing a small piece on the top part of the handle

Think I could say I know this game well…

Also tried my version of geralt’s sword while ago by using an art of the game as reference.

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Awesome, that’s a lot of work.

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Tried reproducing one sword from Battle Chasers.
It’s similar but not equal to the letter… also I’m using a cartoonish shader


I like it very much, also the shader is awesome. You made it?

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Yeah. This one it’s pretty simple actually and it’s not working correctly yet I may try to improve it later. Like, the shadows are too dark and the midtones transitions are too smooth.

It all starts with a new Eevee node called “Shader to RGB” then you plug a ColorRamp to control where the shadows transitions.
Then I mix the ColorRamp with the original output of the Shader to smooth a bit.


thanks, Ill take a look at it

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