Here's your half of the sunshine! [Lil' Smiley Wedge Skate Ramp]

This is what you get when Satan calls you over to sit with him and then offers tRiPpY candiesYes… -tried staying far from it and - Noo…

Tried shade textures, vertices and learned to form adorbs smiley face after into venturing the~ << >> unknown sections. Haha

~Now… How the hell do you even get on it?

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Dude that looks awesome, nice work.
No way you could do that with the knowledge available up to S02 though - right?

Thank you, Went by the video at first then found myself wondering around in edit mode - Mhm, So far not what’s in S02 xD

:x I always stray off, Hehe.

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Simply amazing :smiley:

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