Here's my Rocket game with five levels. It might bee 🐝 a bit too hard

My Rocket :rocket: game might bee :honeybee: a bit too hard.


I played your game it’s cool and also a bit hard but it’s interesting. Just one thing in the 3rd level, one of the bee I think has a bit big collider so when the rocket goes near it, it never touches the bee’s body.

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Ah, thanks very much for the feedback.

I’ll look at the bee collider issue and see what’s going on.

I just thought it was time I showed this, only to find the next lecture’s exercise was to show off our projects! :roll_eyes:

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Nice game, the bee model looks fantastic. Did you make that?

You forgot to disable the debug commands, I can skip levels and also disable the collisions.

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No way! I just got it from the asset store. But I was thinking of using it in place of the rocket - maybe get the player to pick up nectar and pollinate flowers. If I get bored with Argon Assault I might come back to it.

I know I left debug on though - I meant to!

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I liked your game, it gave me a real surface to air missile feel which was cool. On thing that might make it a little more randomized is if the bees were moving on different vectors at different periods. It was a really fun time though, thanks for letting us play it.

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