Here's my chess lighting for now

I think lighting is one area when I need a lot of work, I’m just not very good at it. I also felt that doing lighting at this point in the scene was a little pointless, the scene is no where near done, so everything is going to be moved and changed again soon anyway. I may be wrong so I would like to hear other opinions, but doesn’t it make sense to focus on the lighting at the very end? complete all the modelling finish that aspect of your scene, then work on lighting and camera right before doing the end render, that’s just my opinion on it anyway.


Yes in some ways I agree, odd to slip it in here. It may be it was just easier to show the first taste of lighting on a very simple set up before it gets more complex.
Yours is looking fine so far.


You’re using a point light (seeing the shadows diverge). Put the light further away and increase the wattage.

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