Here is my Quiz Game

I finished Quiz module several weeks ago, but it took me extra time to finish my Quiz Game.

I spent time mostly with figuring out questions and answer, but also with adding extra canvases where player can choose Topic and difficulty.

So far there is only one topic, but it can be extended easily through the method I created Scriptable objects and methods.
There are 4 main difficulties, where each difficulty is opened right after player achieves desired score in previous played difficulty. Once the difficulty is unlocked it won’t lock again. The difficulty unlocking is tied to the topic, so if I would have 2 topics unlocked difiiculties could be different for both of them.

Finally I added few buttons to navigate around canvases, display info and reset whole game or particular topic.

Hope that you enjoy and leave a comment :slight_smile:

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Well done. I didn’t get passed the intermediate questions but from the ones I did there were some spelling mistakes. “hermione” was spelt wrong in one of the beginning question and “Play Again” after you finish the quiz. Not sure if there was any more.

And I even checked it several times for spelling errors :smiley: but thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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