Here is my 2D version of Project boost!

2D Project Boost

I decided to make my project boost in Unity2D, and it was a lot of fun! There is still a lot to do, but I wanted to show off what I had done so far. The game is kinda hard; So you have my respect if you take the time to finish it.


Some notes about my Project Boost:
You can land anywhere; Except on spikes. The only catch is you must land “feet” first! This includes landing on walls, and ceilings as seen in my gif.
Landing refills your energy.
The sounds are a little off volume wise, but at least I think it shouldn’t blast any speakers out.
FULL SCREEN. The ui is messed up if it isn’t
Be careful landing on platforms; Just land carefully…

Things I want to add:
Music obviously.
I toyed around with spinning to refill fuel, but it didn’t make it in the current version. If anyone wants to see that let me know.
I have collectible keys, but I deleted the sprite for them, and I didn’t fix them.

I will post an updated version with credits , and the ability to return to the main menu when I update it!

Any and all comments, and critiques are welcome, but I am gonna be the first to say the the colors are bad, and I should feel bad. Art is not my strong suit.

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