Help with TimerDelegate

Hi, got to the end of the timer lesson and tried to compile, but got an error:

I’ve triple checked the code from the documentation and can’t seem to find any problems

I even added these two bits that apparently weren’t shown in the video?
Any ideas?

EDIT: it was a typo, but I still wonder why the FTimerDelegate TimerDel bit was not in the video, as well as the include bit

Could you expand on that a little.

P.S. In the future please post the code the error message points out. In this case, it would have been useful to see code around and including line 52.

I meant that the include for the timer manager and line 26 “FTimerDelegate TimerDel” and so on (second screenshot) weren’t shown on the video and I just saw them when checking my code for typos and I’ll try to remember to include the code when/if I need some help!

IIRC that line was deleted pretty much as soon as it was written as it was just demonstrating syntax,

Oh, thanks for clearing that up !