Help With Screen Resolution / Scaling


I’ve been trying to extend Laser Defender here.

An issue I’ve encountered and been unable to resolve is the scaling of UI and game elements. Reviewing the showcase category, it appears some people have had this issue, some haven’t (example), indicating I’ve likely missed a step in the tutorial.

The problem as I understand it is I’ve designed all my game elements and UI based on the 9:16 custom aspect ratio. This is illustrated below;

This also affects my menu screens as shown below;

With these issues outlined, here are my questions;

Is it a step I missed in the tutorial?

Should I be re-scaling everything in the 16:9 ratio?

If I need to re-scale the elements and UI in 16:9 ratio, how can I prevent game elements from travelling “off screen” or being visible until “on screen”?

Here’s the project code.

I really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

My Game -- Penny Laser Defender