Help with BullCowGame 79. Loading words with a predicate

Hello there, do forgive if in an incorrect place or not formatted correctly, I am a new user to forums in general!

The BullCowGame course content, no. 79 - “Loading words with a predicate.”, is an optional step but seeing as I went with the last optional step I decided to go for this one. I followed the tutorial and changed the IsIsogram bool to static and removed const keywords in all correct places.

FFileHelper::LoadFileToStringArrayWithPredicate(Isograms, *WordListPath, [](const FString& Word)
         return Word.Len() > 4 && Word.Len() < 8 && IsIsogram(Word);

The above code is what we are told to use but the problem is LoadFileToStringArrayWithPredicate is just not recognised, it does not appear in the auto-complete box as is the case with just LoadFileToStringArray.

The error it gives when compiling:
LoadFileToStringArrayWithPredicate is not a member of FFileHelper

The docs say it only needs to use the same:

#include "Misc/FileHelper.h"

as with LoadFileToStringArray. I am on V.4.22, the version we are instructed to go with.

It is a problem I can avoid for now as it is optional content, but it is also frustrating as it seems to be that Unreal just cant see it. Is the problem somewhere on the #include file? I didn’t want to mess under the hood too much as I’m not certain.

It would be very appreciated if someone could shed some light, perhaps I am just being dense.

As noted in the article

Requires UE 4.25 or greater.

you need 4.25 for the predicate version as that’s when it got added.

Thanks very much for the reply!
Me being dense it was, sorry for the timewaster!

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