Help: Why doesn´t look the texture like the one in the video?

It would be great when someone could help me. I have watched this video 5 times and have made everything like in the video. My texture has sharp edges and doesn´t look like stones in water… I like them to have the look as in the video: soft rounded.

Test texture does not work.blend (731.2 KB)

thanks Jada

Hi Jada,

Increase your subdivision on the subsurf to about 9 and also on the texture itself ensure tiling is set to 2 not 1.

Hope this helps and if it solves it please click the three … on this post and mark as the solution.

Thanks in advance

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Thanks irrestiblejelly for your help. Unfortunately, it doesn`t improve the render result. With Suzanne everything looks gorgeous, but this texture problem seems not fixable. I can´t find the mistake.

I will try to link the Suzanne texture on the plan. Maybe it will be okay.

Did you find a solution in the end to this as i used those values on your model and it seems to work.
I would give the video another shot on this.

Irresistiblejelly, sorry for my late response, I was on holidays without internet and today I came back.

It is very interesting to read, that the model seems to work on your pc.

I was searching for solutions, and I have found some hint.

grafik Before rendering, everything looks okay and bumpy.


But the render result itself doesn´t show alll the bumpy details…


Now with mapping size 3. it looks a little bit better…But the render image is still not so bumpy as the file.


When I render with high subdivisions (like 8) the pc doesn´t support this, and Blender doesn´t work anymore.

I think the issue here is the limitation of your machine not being able to get the subdivisions high enough.
The environment course is a little more computationally heavy so you may have to go with a lower setting.

For reference i am using a ryzen 5 hexacore 2600X, 16Gb DDR4 and a nvidida 1060 6Gb gpu so thats possibly why i can go higher on it.

At the settings i mentioned previously the file works fine so you havent done anything wrong as i used your file and just uppped the values mentioned.

Apologies for the delay in a reply i lost track of this question

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Thank you irrestiblejelly for your great help and the interesting informations about the limitations of the machine. :slight_smile: That helps a lot. I am reliefed, that I didn´t make a mistake. And now I enjoy Blender again.

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