Help trying to make a snake in unity

I am making a 2d platformer were your character is a snake my player is now made of spheres with hinge joints but i want to have a skin around the snake so it looks like one object i have searched online but i could not find anything

if somebody knows how to do this please tell me

Depending on what you want for it to look like, you could disable the mesh renderers for the spheres and hinge joints and draw rectangles/cubes in the place of the spheres? Alternatively you could make a sprite that looks how you want your snake skin to look. You would have to have one for up/down/left/right for the body/head/tail, and then one for different corners. Kindof depends on what you want the end result to look like.

i want like a skin around the snakes that is flexible so it bends like the snake

If you use 3d models for your 2d game, then you’ll need a rigged snake model, or if you use sprite then you can rig it and put hinge joints on the bones.

Then it should be able bend like the real thing :slight_smile:

Thanks I use 3d models som I will try that

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