HELP! Trouble importing Blender Animation into Unreal

My first game development has come to a halt. I have created a simple model in Blender for a simple RPG I plan to make in Unreal Engine 4.27, but when I try to import the animation there seems to be a problem. Because I am new to this, I followed this YouTube tutorial. Import Rigs & Animations (BLENDER to UNREAL) - YouTube

I start with clicking the Add/Import button to start, and select my animation free mesh.

Here are my import settings for the mesh. I click import.

That loads in properly, and so I add the mesh and bake the lighting.

Then I click the Add/Import button again, this time selecting my walk cycle. This time I unselect “Import Mesh” per the tutorial’s instructions and choose my character’s skeleton where it asks for it.

Then I change the animation mode to “Use Animation Asset” and use the dropdown from “Anim to Play” to select my walk cycle.



However, when I do this my model disappears. I also see that when I loaded the animation into Unreal, the thumbnail is blank.

Also nothing plays or loads when I double click on the animation.

I really need help as this is my first “toe-dipping” into game development, and my goal is to finish something much less get stuck at the beginning and not have it work out. What am I doing wrong?

Hi, this community is for the gamedev tv courses and this is not something we cover in the courses as far as I am aware. We can’t really answer questions on random YouTube videos.

This is not something I’ve covered myself so I can’t really advise.

You may want to try the Unreal forums for support or possibly blender.

Good luck.

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