Help/ Tips on rigging and modelling monkey

Hi ive made a lowpoly monkey im about a year into blender and wanted some tips on making it move more fluid and advice on rigging/ posing, and the overrall modeling would be appreciated
Rendered him in motion and uploaded here for easy viewing

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tips things like using ik or fk for leg movement ive been watching monkey run all day just cant get it right

frame by frame hopefully ive shown what I need to in order to get the best advice

My suspicion is that you’ve animated this using a Straight-Ahead Animation approach. Even with the help of modern technology, that’s pretty hard to do. If you’re specifically trying not to use Blender’s frame interpolation, that’s fine, you can end up with more natural animations that way, but then it becomes even more difficult to do straight-ahead animation because you’re effectively drawing on ones instead of… 10s for example. That’s 10x more opportunity to introduce inaccuracies, and those build up fast.

@FedPete posted a link to this video some time ago (can’t find the original post), and I certainly learned a lot from it. I highly recommend watching the whole thing; the part about Straight-Ahead Animating vs Pose-To-Pose starts at about 6:30

You will also want to research bone constraints so the paws stay in place when you move IK chains around. Not something I’m really familiar with though, so hopefully someone else can provide guidance on that for you here. Good luck!


Grant has recently made a whole new course on Animation.

Probably well worth you doing to get the concepts sorted out.

this is what im following ty

actually i completed and am now trying to apply what i learned there to the monkey model

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Ok then you probably have the means of how to do things, now it is just seeing and working out where glitches are in the movement and going through fixing them.

You may solve some by more geometry like in the tail so there is more ability to bend smoothly.

can we see your base mesh so we can get a better idea of the topology for animation as well? More key frames with small movements around the feet is my only thought right now at least.

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