Help: the settings for the grease pencil are not available_ solved


I haven´t got the settings as Michael in this video and can´t change the pixels of the stroke…
It would be great when someone knows a solution. :slight_smile:

That is a screenshot of Michael`s vid. He has a menue bar and I not.

///////////Now I have found the solution. The header was only collapsed. Maybe the information is for someone else useful.

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Thanks for the solution.

For future reference though if you could post the solution as a reply and mark that as the solution as then it wont appear on our daily Q&A :slight_smile:
For this one i will make this a top answer but it solution is

“Header bar was collapsed”

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Thanks irresistiblejelly. :slight_smile: I have searched for the Solution field to tick it, but I didn´t found it. Writing a new reply is a good idea!

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