Help the code wont work

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Can you please explain what exactly is not working? @DanM might be able to help you.

Did you open VS Code through the developer command prompt?

yes i did but it still didnt work

Could you show the output of typing “cl” in the developer command prompt?

It looks like you’re attempting to run the program in Powershell which is indicated in the top right part of the terminal display thing.
I just tested running the exact same code in Powershell and it gave me the same errors and then in command prompt. Command Prompt ran the code without any errors.
You can change this by clicking on the box that reads “Powershell” and selecting selecting “Command prompt” from the options(might just say cmd).

I can’t guarantee that this will work but I did manage to get it to work in cmd mode. Let me know if this works for you and good luck on your journey to learning how to code!

That’s compiling but it says you have an error on line 5 where you presumably have a colon instead of a semicolon.

If you launch VS Code through that developer command prompt by typing “code” the integrated terminal should be able to use “cl”.

it is still saying error i am a bit confused

Did you fix the error in your code? If you need help please post it.

sir i got it now sir thank you

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