Help! Texture brushes look blocky no matter how many subdivisions I do

I have a dragon I’m making and when I try to use a texture in the brushes, it comes out looking super blocky, as if it’s really low res or something. As you can see from the top left, I have 25 million faces thanks to a multires modifier, so I don’t think it can be not enough faces.

I tried going higher on the multires but it ended up with 100 million+ faces and my computer couldn’t do anything with it.

I also tried a whole raft of other brushes, to see if I got better results, no luck.

Please Help!


The texture might be small for the size of the marks you are making on the dragon. Try making the brush bigger.

Or, higher subdivision if your machine can cope with it. Save before trying.


Yeah, I tried making I bigger, and smaller, the blocks scaled. I can’t subdivide it any further or I get 100 million+ faces. :frowning:


Try some different textures.


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