[HELP] Switiching computers ... copying files to new computer?

I’m going to be in Europe for the next few months and want to continue working on the Unreal course.
I know I can copy Unreal project files, visual studio files, and SourceTree commits, but is there anything else that I should copy?

Thanks in advance,

By the way to copy SourceTree commits to as new computer here’s how you do it:

And if you’re not able to find your AppData folder (if you’re in Windows 10):

Are your commits not being uploaded to host, like github or bitbucket?

You only need to copy over the project folder (I’m assuming you have UE [and Visual Studio] installed on the other machine). If you’re hosting your repository on a site like github or bitbucket, then you just need to clone from the link they provide in the repo management page.

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