[HELP] Somethings up with the sculpt tool

Hello. I was trying to sculpt the Fluffy Bunny, but the sculpt tool seemed to destroy the mesh.
Here is a screenshot:

Any help that anyone can give me would be VERY much appreciated.

Thank you for your time


You don’t have enough faces on your shape, add subdivision surface.

Thanks! Even though I decided to start over before I saw this, it is very
good reference for next time.
Thank you for answering


I had a similar issue and as @Aapef said, you don’t have enough vertexes. What I did for mine was turn on the Dyntopo which will create extra vertexes. It made my model insanely heavy on the counts (verts, tris, faces) but it looks good and since I’m going for a blender Cycles render and not a game, I’m going to leave it higher.

I’m not a sculptor but i think that Dyntopo add far too much vertexes.

I always use subsurf and never have problems.

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