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I just finished the course and I very happy with everything I’ve learned. So here is my final.

I have had a problem with the pose mode and I don’t understand why this happens, every time I switch to edit mode, the hair, eyes and eyelashes don’t follow the position, only when im in to objet mode everything seems to be fine. is this normal?


No, it’s not normal.
Indicating you’ve edited the armature in pose and base REST pose. Now things are misaligned.

  • Be sure your REST pose is finished with a good rig / armature setup.
  • Then add the armature with auto weightpaint
  • Be sure also that your calling of items have been applied to one.

Yes it is nornal.
Pose mode has rest position and pose position.
Rest is the base line, the same position is used in Edit mode.
Pose position of pose mode is where posing has moved the bones to.
Object mode displays the posed position.

This is fundamental to how the system works. In edit mode, you can move mesh or bones relative to the rest, so if you need the knee bend to be a bit lower, it’s position can be changed and it will be updated to the posed position, as that references from the rest position, before adding the posing changes. In Object mode, none of this detail can be altered, so it shows the end posed position. Or rest position if selected in the pose mode.


this step was very confusing, i did correctly the process to parent these objets with the bone as indicaded in the video. So thank you for explaining this detail ^^


NP5 is totally right!
I was referring to the swords, I thought they were part of the Armature.


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