Help please!

I have a problem with the play mode, when I click on play I have this error message. I don´t understand what is it…this is my code

var greeting"Hello Jess"; should look like var greeting “Hello Jess”; or string greeting “Hello Jess”;

I already gave the space that marks me between the greeting and the variable but it still doesn’t work :pensive:

well its underlined in red for a reason, consider asking on the Discord

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To do a variable assignment you need to use the = symbol, like:

var greeting = "Hello Jess";

You’re declaring a Start() method twice. (Line 8 and line 14)

Also you’re missing the assignment operator on line 11: string greeting = "Hello Jess";

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Check if the name of the class on the file (hacker, line 5) is the same as the name in the Unity project directory