[Help] Parameter does not exist in controller

I’m attempting to do the bone based animation in lecture 147, but when I try to add a transition condition, it says “Parameter does not exist in controller.” And at the bottom it says “Controller ‘star trophy’: Transition ‘’ in state ‘star birth’ uses parameter ‘’ which does not exist in controller.” Is there some junk that got populated in my animation that’s causing this error? And if so, how do I get rid of it?

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I see that you don’t have an empty condition in your transition.
if you don’t want/need conditions you have to click on the “burger” (2 lines at the left of select box) to select it and then the minus symbol to delete it.

Yes, I know how to delete a transition, but the thing is, I want an exit time condition to be set the same way Ben does it in the video, but I can’t do so because it won’t let me select Exit Time in the conditions menu.

the exit time condition is the “Has Exit Time” check box and nothing else.

the conditions are the parameters you add in the animator.

Okay, I figured it out. Turns out in Unity 5 you don’t set the exit time in the conditions, you set it in the settings. It works now.

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