Help needed!

Hello guys,

I do have a problem and I really need experienced help with rigging this beauty I made… I tried for hours to rig it, but bone weight just killin’ me…

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Hi @Rouccuss,

What kind of problem do you have exactly? Unless you describe it very specifically it’s hard for others to try to help. What have you tried and what fails? What do you expect to happen?

Cheers, Jax

Hey @Jax,

Well… the problem is when I am trying to join my mesh and an armature( with automated weight ) it’s making a big mess. It’s because weight for sure. I tried to paint it by hand, but when I am trying to make some poses it’s still looks ugly and messy.

Thanks for the answer,


Hi again,

It’s hard to say without seeing your mesh and armature but few things you could check at least. Apply scale to all of your mesh and armature before trying to parent it. Also apply location to both so they are at the same position.

Apart from that it’s hard to say. It might be also that you have edited the armature somehow strangely and applying it on the mesh does something weird.

If you want more details attach the .blend file so I could take a look.

Cheers, Jax

If you use modifiers like subsurface or mirror, apply them, that gave me a headache recently. After I applied them all worked well, even the automatic weights


I did this at very first :), thanks !

Chalamander rigging.blend (4.0 MB)

Hi again,

I cleared your vertex groups completely and unparented your armature. Then I did a bit of cleaning on the bone rolls (some of them were a mess). I also extruded your arms and legs so they are now part of the whole bone structure.

Also one problem was the feet IK setups. I reparented the foot bones and set up the IKs again.

I also weight painted the mesh very roughly manually so you get the idea. Other leg is not done but I think you can easily do that yourself. You also need to apply some gradient to the weights to mesh deforms a bit more clean (like I said this was very rough paint).

Unfortunately it’s hard to say what went wrong in the first place but at least the IK setup was wrong (and messed up the pose) and some bone rolls were quite strange.

Hope this helps! (Nice baby dino or salamander model btw.) :slight_smile:

Cheers, Jax

Chalamander rigging2.blend (4.4 MB)

Thank you so much, @Jax !!

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I love the Charmander!!! Yeah, usually it’s pretty crucial to make sure most modifiers are applied before starting to rig a 3d model. If you need any help on how to rig a 3d model, Darrin Lile on youtube has a very good youtube series on rigging a model in blender :


I am very happy that you liked it ! And thank you for your help !

Love that charmander! :heart_eyes: good job! just add the fire on the tail hahahaha


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