HELP need with Blender

I can’t figure our why the foot moves every time I rotate the cockpit, its not parented, i have cleared parents, its a separate object

object. I have no idea how to fix it.

Could you upload the blend file please because truthfully atm this one has me going “Ummmm thats not right!”
Been a while since someone has had me like that first thing in the morning so i am impressed.

If you can get the file uploaded i’ll take a look.

There should be no relation, but I see you use modifiers. Not sure what they do.
Also, it seems that the pivot (origin) point of the foot is at the same pivot point of the cockpit, also strange and an indicator of problems.
Do you use armature (bones)?
Your left gun moves also with the cockpit (not aligned with the right gun), also strange.
Are objects really separated? Not applied the mirror modifiers? Or arrange them in the correct order.
Renaming objects to their meaning (not cube 1 2 3…) will help in debugging your model.

Let us know your progress in this.

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It was related to the mirror add on applies to the cockpit itself. No there are no bones this is just a sculpture.

DOH, you have proportional editing turned on. Missed it my bad sorry

Good idea. But if it were proportional editing, would it not affect all the items within the circle of effect range, not just the foot?

:bulb: Unless the origin point of that foot alone had got placed, in on or close to the cockpit’s origin point. Though so must the left as we see it gun thing.

Testing, like that, moved specific origin points, rotating with proportional editing on, replicates the problem For me.

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Awesome nice catch NP5 :slight_smile:
Apologies for only firing on half the cylinders today, We have had some high winds here and the night was a long one losing 6 fence panels. That and the gutters are made of metal >.< Not sure the logic behind that idea!

So solution is?

Check the object origins and turn off proportional editing

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you mentioned it was related to the Mirror Modifier and the cockpit and I’m curious if that allowed you to fix the issue? If not, you should consider creating an empty to act as your mirror object. You should also consider parenting your arm to the cockpit so that both arms move with it.

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