[HELP] My NumberWizard - Fonts Distorted

Hello everyone, I’m having some problems with my version on WebGL, the font appears distorted, someone if you have information about how to solve it!?

Visit -> MyNumberWizard

it suppose to see like this.

ps. sorry about my english is not my first language, but I’m learning :relieved:

Thanks ind advance :slight_smile:

Check the font you are using, and the kerning on the font. To me it looks like you have made some changes to the kerning of said font, which is why you are getting the weird overlap.

I am not sure if kerning can be set or changed in Unity (I only recognise the issue because I use kerning in Photoshop), so perhaps try a different font.

Hope that helps,

Hello Carlos_Junod,

Can you please tell me how you got an image under your text on your canvas? And did you designt that image yourself? That looks absolutely amazing!


@Carlos_Junod - it looks like the affected text is bold in your post screenshot, and for some reason isn’t bold in the build; if you’re still trying to resolve this, are you able to post a screenshot of one of the affected text elements and its settings in the Unity inspector window?

@Vaughan_MacEgan - the overlay order is (as far as I can tell) based on the hierarchy order (at least in 2D). If you want an image under your text, make sure the image is below the text elements in your hierarchy, for example:

Here (with a bit of luck!) you can see that the ‘you win’ splash covers over the ‘range’ (orange) text, and the ‘start button’ (red) text covers over both of them - this matches the hierarchy order (Range, Image, Start Button), and if you shuffle them around, the way they layer over each other changes accordingly.

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I don’t know much about Unity and problems with resolution that seems to plague the product. But with Panel it “may” be rectified by choosing the Pixel Perfect in the Canvas Component.

Sorry I’m not much help!

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