[HELP] My game works perfectly in Unity, but I get an error message when I do a WebGL build

Hi guys,

I hope you’re all well!

Just a bit about me - before I started this course I’d never looked at code before, but I’m hugely enjoying the process and the learning! Shout out to Ben and Brice - you guys are wonderful instructors.

So here is the error message I get in the local host after it says ‘made with unity’…

An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:
abort(94) at jsStackTrace (Bricks In Space.asm.framework.unityweb:2:27469)
stackTrace (Bricks In Space.asm.framework.unityweb:2:27643)
abort (Bricks In Space.asm.framework.unityweb:4:31207)
nek (Bricks In Space.asm.code.unityweb:20:786841)
vej (Bricks In Space.asm.code.unityweb:6:994854)
Aej (Bricks In Space.asm.code.unityweb:6:996001)
ojh (Bricks In Space.asm.code.unityweb:7:487586)
g7j (Bricks In Space.asm.code.unityweb:20:756885)
invoke_iiiii (Bricks In Space.asm.framework.unityweb:2:330121)
jtj (Bricks In Space.asm.code.unityweb:20:194965)
Xuj (Bricks In Space.asm.code.unityweb:20:202843)
A_ (Bricks In Space.asm.code.unityweb:8:479033)
z_ (Bricks In Space.asm.code.unityweb:8:478705)
vJa (Bricks In Space.asm.code.unityweb:12:1034901)
qJa (Bricks In Space.asm.code.unityweb:12:1032881)
MCb (Bricks In Space.asm.code.unityweb:11:85330)
PTa (Bricks In Space.asm.code.unityweb:16:375516)
hJb (Bricks In Space.asm.code.unityweb:11:310128)
qFb (Bricks In Space.asm.code.unityweb:11:174142)
eFb (Bricks In Space.asm.code.unityweb:11:163169)
w7j (Bricks In Space.asm.code.unityweb:20:758812)
browserIterationFunc (Bricks In Space.asm.framework.unityweb:2:206025)
runIter (Bricks In Space.asm.framework.unityweb:2:188032)
Browser_mainLoop_runner (Bricks In Space.asm.framework.unityweb:2:207567)
If this abort() is unexpected, build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 which can give more information.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks everyone!

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