Help! My edge loops are acting silly!

I thought my bishop was ready to go, but when I looked closely I saw that the “bridge edge loops” command had an unexpected result.

What might be happening?

The screen shots are from the Y view and then the X view, as well as a camera view showing the selected loops before and after the bridge command.

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Update: I found a workaround by selecting a couple edge pairs at a time and running the bridge command, but I still can’t get it work correctly by selecting the loops.

I ran into this problem as well while making my bishop. The solution was to select the edge loops and then deselect matching edges from the loops and then use the Bridge Edge Loop command.

Ironically, I think this was a bug as I made a different bishop and didn’t experience the issue with today’s release.


Thank you!

Actually, I’ve had this happen to me a few times, it looks like some times the bridge edge loops command works and some times it doesn’t. If it warps your geometry like that you can also just select the edges you want to connect and fill them all at once or fill them in pairs.

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