[Help] Multiple Blocks Destroyed

I have been having an issue where multiple blocks (no where near each other) are being destroyed at the same time.

I have noticed they seem to be the blocks that are dimmed (despite setting their z axis to -3) Update: Scratch that, it was coincidence. After more testing it showed there was no correlation between dimmed blocks and multiple disappearing blocks.

The code seems to work for almost all other blocks, see [pastebin]http://pastebin.com/in8Svs93

I am wondering if the objects are linked (i.e. treated as one object) and if that might also be the reason they are randomly appearing at the back of the scene.

Have a check to see if you have accidentally put any of the dimmed bricks as children of other bricks when duplicating. that might be causing the -3 for z on parent, and another -3 on child. and when parent is destroyed so will its children.

Just a thought.

if not, can we see a screenshot of one of your dimmed bricks selected, just to look at the inspector and the scene heirarchy please.

It does not look like any of the objects are child objects, unless it is set somewhere outside the hierarchy.

Here’s a screenshot with the inspector on a dimmed block.

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