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hello everyone i need some help when i create a model i blender and increase its size it some how glitches

are you trying to export it to unreal?

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Show screen dump.

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1- make sure that you always apply any transformation or scale you made to prevent any glitching with other operations

simply CTRl+A in object mode and apply

after applying

it will not glitch

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i t is still not helping
i will send you a screen shot

i am pasting


If I am looking at your material preferences, I see a lot. Maybe, you have conflicting shaders …
Removing them, and add them one by one.

  • Do you have this object doubble?
  • Does it occur also op other viewports; solid mode, dev mode, …

i have some object doubled and it occurs in other view port

If objects share the sames spot (position, dimension). The FACES are conflicting and you get a random result. Move double objects to an other place. Or remove them entirely.

For example remove object entrance.001.

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