Help me with dinos

So this is my rendered family of dinos and I think that snow on mountains looks kinda nice, but in my blender it doesn’t even exist…

because this is my view from blender:

Can someone explain to me why white faces appears when I’m trying to render an image? :worried:

Also there is problem with their feet. If I place their feet on the ground in Blender, they are buried in the render.

May it all be conected? help :frowning:



Because of the specific steps Grant goes through in this module of the course, I’m pretty sure what’s happening is that the “spares” copies of your landscape pieces are hidden from viewport view (the eye icon in the outliner), but not from the render (the camera icon in the outliner). I made this oops a couple times as well.

Those duplicates get made before he goes into the shading stuff, so they just have the white default material. That’s your snow; if you look closely in your last screenshot, you’ll see that most of the ground is this white colour as well. Also, you must have moved/changed the positions or topology of the active landscapes after making these copies, so now they overlap.

All you have to do is find those duplicate landscapes and click their camera icons in the outliner so they are disabled. I agree though that the snowy mountain is a happy accident, so I’d actually maybe just adjust its material and leave it in! =)

Nice job with the dinos as well - makes me glad I’m not a dentist!


Yes, what BH67 said. Other objects not hidden to the render, but only hidden to the viewport.


wooow, thank you very much! You were absolutely right and thanks to you I fix that problem in a minute. I would never have thought of that. You restored my self-confidence and I can continue with the course :smiley:


Wow. Great job with teeth, colors and layout!


thank you! I noticed that even if Grant sets dark colors in the task, I still go for the warm tones of the setting sun :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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