Help me plz

hello who ever is watching this i have a question in blender 2.8 when i move the camera the mesh dissapears like a fog so please can you teell me a solution to this

It would be helpful to mention OS-system, video card, bender version (build number), etc.

Did you try;

  • Latest Blender version
  • Updating your graphics card drivers
  • Updating your OS
  • Test if problem occurs in all Blender modes; Cycles, Eevee, ViewPort shading modes (Wire, Solid, Dev …)
  • A screen dump would be helpful.
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You say fog but is it more like a cut off?
In this case go to the N panel menu on the right side and click the view options tab,
In there change the clip start to 0.001 and turnt he end up
If this fixes the issue it means that it cut off has been reached as its a large scene so it doesnt slow down the scene when working.
You will need to also adjust the camera which has similar settings when you have the camera selected and you click the camera icon on the tool shelf to the left side below the heirarchy.

Hope thsi helps

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thank you sir for your reply it helped me a lot!!!

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