[HELP] It seems like the wheels aren't Attached ?!

This is my : SpawnPoint.cpp code : https://gyazo.com/084729c7cd7579286af910bb3194e2b0

I dont know what i did wrong?

Did you try changing the mass of the constraints?

All of my masses are the same as the videos
and i have tried changing the mass but still the same

In your BP_Tank - on the SpawnPoint - is your spawn Class BP_SprungWheel or just SprungWheel? Set it to BP_Sprung wheel if not already.

I wonder if you jacked up the strength and velocity of the restraints, whether it would make a difference. It took me a little while to figure out that they actually were attached, just with values that were unbalanced and physics-breaking. Also, what ended up fixing things for me is relaunching unreal.

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