Help Installing Better Collada on Blender

Can someone help me installing this: on Blender 2.8.

I have following the Godot Course tutorial and noticed that cubedude has two animations on his collada file.

I also read a guide by you guys here:

The problem is after copying the folder, on Blender Settings, searching “Better” on the add-ons list yields nothing.



I have a feeling that in blender 2.8 they fixed the exporter and that the exporter is meant for 2.79
I would give the standard 2.8 dae exporter a try but for future reference godot seems to natively support gtlf a little better but i am still learning how to do that myself atm

Hope this helps a little


I tried the current dae exporter on Blender 2.8 and it is still exporting only one animation.

Same issue with .gltf.

My current problem is exporting multiple animations from Blender to Godot.


@Michael_Bridges @Yann_Burrett

Any help on this would be appreciated as i am still figuring out the characters with animations to godot workflow

I don’t believe It’s 2.8 compatible yet.

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