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How would you make a navmesh agent, circle around a target for a specific time. While facing the target ?.

Making the agent circle the target is the easy part… just lower the Angular Speed. I know this part because I answer the converse question often “Help, my agent is circling the destination” (increase angular speed).
Making it face the target may be trickier, since the NavMeshAgent controls the current orientation of the player. For that, you may want to consult the crowd at Unity Forums.

How about critical hit chance. How would you add it to enemies and the player

You’ll need a stat modifier for critical hit chance. I like to express this like 1 as opposed to .1, it makes the progression easier to read. Then just test a Random.Range(0f, 100f) against the crit chance. If the random is lower, then you get a crit. If it’s a crit, pass extra damage.

Thank you

How would I show, a pickup up item. Name on the player hub. When it’s picked up.

In an effort to keep threads “on topic” so that other students can find what they’re looking for, I think this is far enough off the original question it should be opened in a new topic, please.

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