Help: I cannot get the Armature modification to work properly

First a look at the animation:

If I make the Armature not visible then this doesn’t happen.
Notice that there are TWO animations and they don’t cooperate. These two are also in the imports to Unity and Unreal.
I’ve tried everything I could think of…

Very difficult to say! - Show the OUTLINE
Looks like your base armature (no. 1). sticks to the 0,0,0 coordinate. Maybe not connected to the lamp base, but and empty or to the ground floor?
Also, if you have scaling applied, could be the answer why some parts move further away (different scale).
Same for rotating.

Remove the bones, setup you model as you think is should be. Apply, scale, location, rotation to all objects.
Add first bone and try, small animation.

The outline is on the right, The whole of it is showing. I’ll try your suggestions.

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