Help, clumpy ears


my ears are still turning out super clumpy even after making them the other way he talked about. is there any way to fix this or do i just have to keep remaking them till they turn our right?


I have the same issue but with all the body


turns out i forgot to apply the scale maybe that is the same problem u r having


Before or after you joined the ears? I applied every transform so far but end up with this result


I did another test and it seems that indeed applying transforms is solving some of the issue. However I end up with having some artifacts when I join the ears to the rest of the model so I keep them appart.


I never joined the ears to the head, I just made the head their parent and there’s pretty much no difference. Also later in the course you will learn how to do weight painting which helped fix mine as well.

Here is the final product in case you wanted to know how it turned out