[Help] Buttons not work at Fullscreen

I coded the “game” just like in the tutorial.
In the Editor and in Windowed Mode everthing works just fine.
But when i Build & run in Fullscreens mode, my Buttons seems to be disabled.

No hover or click effect, nor does he perform any OnClick()-event.

When i configure the Screen-resolution just to my Resolution conifgured in Windows everything works fine. Even in Fullscreen-mode.

Old post I know, but I am having the same issue. I’ve noticed this only occurs when the resolution is less than what your monitor is set to. However, I’ve also noticed the buttons ARE there, just not where you expect them to be.

Visually the buttons are where the need to be. But if you move your mouse to the left of the buttons, the you can see the buttons change colours. While the physical button is displayed in one spot on the screen, the actual spot you need to click is on the left of the visible buttons.

This issue goes away if change the resolution in the build settings to match that of your windows screen resolution.

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I think, and you might have to check, that if you run the game in Windowed mode, rather than full screen, you can avoid the issue also. Old version of Unity issue I believe.

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